Get to Know Me Meme: 5 favorite male characters
↳2/5: Danny Castellano

I got a lot goin’ on with work and my bank just sent me a new credit card so… I have that to activate.

Danny Castellano + his homemade beer

"The bitter divorcee, clutching his newspaper, steaming over a lifetime of rage and regret. But under that gristle and icy exterior, does a warm heart beat?" - "No." - "Only time will tell." - "No, time won’t."

I’m Danny Castellano. But I’m Danny Castellano.

Danny Castellano» 1.01

The Mindy Project stars Chris Messina and Adam Pally attend the 4th Annual Critics’ Choice Television Awards at The Beverly Hilton Hotel on June 19, 2014 in Beverly Hills, California.

I heard someone say something recently that it just takes one person, you know? Just one person to make you feel like you belong. To make you feel special. And I think that that’s true. I know that that’s true because… because I felt it.

The Castellano’s and their red glasses